Laurel Mountain Barrel Brown & Degreaser
  • Laurel Mountain Barrel Brown & Degreaser

Laurel Mountain Barrel Brown & Degreaser


Barrel Brown & Degreaser degreases and browns in the same easy application. It works right through fingerprints, grease or oil films, giving an even, streak-free brown. The bottle contains 2.5 oz.


Easy to use
Barrel Brown & Degreaser requires no specialized equipment, saving time and effort. There is no need to heat the barrel as with hot browns, and no lengthy browning sessions lasting for days as with other cold browns. Barrel Brown & Degreaser is applied cold at three hour intervals. An average job can be finished in about four to six coats. Barrel Brown & Degreaser is safer to use as it contains no mercury.

One 2.5 oz. bottle contains enough material to brown many complete rifles.

Excellent color
The color of the brown obtained with Barrel Brown & Degreaser varies from a rich reddish-brown to a dark chocolate, depending on the number of coats applied. Barrel Brown & Degreaser can also be used to produce a "rust blue" with a deep blue-black color. Detailed instructions for use are supplied with each container of Barrel Brown & Degreaser.

Barrel Brown & Degreaser is wear resistant. It will stand up to many years of hard field usage offering lasting protection.



Barrel Brown and Degreaser

Instructions for using Laurel Mountain's Barrel Brown and Degreaser.

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