.44 cal. cartridge forming dowel
  • .44 cal. cartridge forming dowel
  • .44 and .36 calibre cartridge forming dowels

Cartridge forming dowel for percussion revolvers


Cartridge forming dowel made of hard maple for .44 and .36 calibre percussion revolvers. Used to roll historically correct paper cartridges that allows for fast loading. Please select caliber when ordering.

Calibre: .44
Product available with different options

The dowel can be used for all types of cap & ball revolvers – from Colt Walker to Colt Army and Remington New Army – and can be used with both conicals and roundballs. You can easily reduce the length of the dowel to create a shorter cartridge. A sheet of paper templates for making cartridges are included. Read this article to learn how to roll paper cartridges: Making Paper Cartridges.


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