7.5mm Nagant bullet mould
  • 7.5mm Nagant bullet mould
  • Bullets cast with the Nagant mould.

7.5mm Nagant bullet mould


Double cavity bullet mould for Norwegian and Swedish 7.5mm Nagant revolvers that casts a 120 grain heel-base bullet with one grease groove. Produced for svartkrutt.net by Lee Precision.


The heel-base naturally limits the seating depth.

Technical data:

  • Bullet weight: 122 grains (pure lead)
  • Base diameter: Coned (.306" (7.77mm) at the bottom, .312" (7.92mm) at the top).
  • Largest diameter: .326" (8.28mm)
  • Length: .622" (15.8 mm)

The mould block is made from aluminum. Handles are included.


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