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7.5mm Nagant bullet mould
  • 7.5mm Nagant bullet mould
  • Bullets cast with the Nagant mould.

7.5mm Nagant bullet mould


Double cavity bullet mould for Norwegian and Swedish 7.5mm Nagant revolvers that casts a 120 grain heel-base bullet with one grease groove. Produced for svartkrutt.net by Lee Precision.


The heel-base naturally limits the seating depth.

Technical data:

  • Bullet weight: 122 grains (pure lead)
  • Base diameter: Coned (.306" (7.77mm) at the bottom, .312" (7.92mm) at the top).
  • Largest diameter: .326" (8.28mm)
  • Length: .622" (15.8 mm)

The mould block is made from aluminum. Handles are included.

Note: This mould is currently not available because Lee Precision temporarily has suspended custom services for bullet moulds due to unprecedented order volume. New moulds will be orderes as soon as Lee resume this service.


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