.012" patches
  • .012" patches
  • .012" patches

Cloverleaf Dry Shooting Patches (.012")


100 cloverlead-shaped tightly woven cotton patches. Available in two sizes: .40–49" calibre and .50–59" calibre. Thickness is .012". Produced by Lehigh Valley.

Calibre: .50–.59"
Product available with different options

This shooting patch has 3 functions. Its base shape is round, like the traditional pre-cuts you buy. The Cloverleaf Patch design is 3 imaginary circles that meet in the center of a circle. The Patch for the .40-.49 caliber measures 1-1/4" outside diameter. The .50-.59 caliber measure 1-1/2" outside diameter, just as the round ones do.