Shooting the Black Powder Shotgun – Published 13 September 2008


Loading muzzle-loading or breech-loading shotguns with black powder and shot is not difficult. A prerequisite is that you use lead or bismuth shot, if you don't have a modern replica that is approved for the use of steel shot. This article covers the loading of muzzleloading shotguns and shotgun shells... Read the article

Making Bismuth Shot – Published 5 December 2007


Since the article about the Shotmaker was written the Norwegian lead shot ban has come into effect. As a result, Norwegian hunters have to use a substitute such as steel, tungsten matrix or bismuth to hunt legally. As bismuth is one of the few materials that isn’t harmful for older shotguns many prefer this substitute. This article describes the making of homemade lead shot... Read the article

Make Your Own Lead Shot – Published 24 November 2007


This article describes how you can make your own lead shot using a Shotmaker. The Shotmaker is a product that is sold in the US, and it spits out an incredible amount of shot in short time. You can make both lead and Bismuth shot. Read more about my experiences with the Shotmaker... Read the article