About us

Who we are

The black powder shooter in focus

svartkrutt.net is Norwegian based and owned by Øyvind Flatnes. The web site was started in 2000, and the intention was to provide the black powder shooter with a Norwegian information channel. Flatnes has published the book From Musket to Metallic Cartridge: A Practical History of Black Powder Firearms (2013), as well as a Norwegian book on black powder shooting called Vakre våpen - svart krutt: Svartkruttvåpen i krig, jakt og konkurranse (2005).

What we offer

What you cannot get anywhere else

Since the start svartkrutt.net has offered different kinds of products, such as replica sights, bullets, cases and bullet moulds, but the shop did not open until 1. January 2015. The ambition is not to have the largest assortment of goods, but to offer affordable products for the black powder shooter which are not available off the shelf. We aim to have:

  • affordable and unique products
  • good quality
  • good service


Lavishly illustrated and very in depth in scope, it should become a standard reference work for muzzle loaders everywhere.

Gary Yee on From Musket to Metallic Cartridge

Any shooter who is interested in the development of firearms will find this book a constant source of information which they will refer to time and time again.

Phil Morgan on From Musket to Metallic Cartridge